About Us

Allcreditisok.com is dedicated in providing you a means to attain your dream homes by means of home financing. We are a mortgage company that is a trusted and licensed home lender. Our mission is to be the leading partner of every individual into a fast, and flawless mortgage process. We extend our assistance even after our clients already achieved the fulfillment for their home loans. We believe that there should be a follow through or proper guidance in terms of the after care needed to be done to ensure the steady increase of the value of every property,

We started in 1980 with a handful of employees and just company. Now we already have 11, and we are continuously expanding. Soon you’d find us in every state of the US and beyond. We recognize the high demand for legit, and trustworthy financial advisors. As such, we aim to provide.

We also want to eliminate the fears associated with loans, or in this case “home loans” and replace it only with exemplary customer service. We want to be an instrument so that people could maximize the advantages of making loans. This is without the horror of the added hidden costs usually attached to it. Lastly, we want to be the role models of honest, trustworthy, and reliable financial home funding in the whole country.

Today, we are happy to say that through our hard work and efforts to maintain a good service, allcreditisok.com is now the most sought-after home financial assistance company in the US. For more than 25 years, we have already provided home loans to hundreds and thousands of people who wish to have their own little abode.

Try it to believe it. For any concerns, email us immediately at info@allcreditisok.com. Check out also what our customers have to say. See you around!