Your agent still wasn’t able to sell your home? Then better look for a new house now because we’ll buy your house for you. Note that WE’LL BUY IT, NOT LIST IT!

Discover How To Have A Well- Qualified Buyer, Buy Your House Within 7 Days So That Your Next Payment Is Your Last.

From: Marcus Curry

Allen, Texas

Monday, 2:11pm

Dear Home Seller,

I know something important about you…

You’ve got a house in the Dallas area that you need to sell and you’re looking for a buyer who can meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Am I right so far? If so, read on.

I bet you fall into one these common categories (check all that apply)

  • You tried to sell your house using an agent, but the listing expired or is about to expire;
  • You bought a new home and now you’re stuck making double house payments;
  • You’re facing divorce and the payments are too high for your income or the court has ordered you to sell;
  • You’re relocating and don’t want to worry about selling your house after you move;
  • There’s no equity in your house;
  • You’re behind on your payments – maybe even facing foreclosure;
  • You’re sick of being a landlord and dealing with irresponsible tenants;
  • You’re just sick of owning a house you no longer want.

These are all situations that can happen to good honest homeowners.  And before you know it your valuable asset is more like a big heavy anchor.

Here’s the thing… I know what you’re going through.  Selling a home (the traditional way) in this economy is really hard to do.

It’s common for it to take 3-6 months just to get a contract on your property and then another 1-3 months to get to closing.  And that’s if the contract doesn’t fall through (which happens about half the time) at which case you’re back to square one.

Regardless of your current circumstances, I believe I can help.

I would very much like to discuss purchasing your house.  Please notice, I’m not asking to “list your house”.  I am not a Realtor, and am not associated with any real estate agency.  However, I am definitely interested in buying your house as an investment.

We’re an independent real estate firm that has developed the ability to solve seemingly complicated financial dilemmas… the kind that thousands of homeowners get into everyday when trying to sell their home.

We strategically buy 7 to 10 houses per month in most areas of Dallas Fort Worth in every price range.  We use private funds that don’t require long drawn out bank approvals.

Sell Dallas House Fast – Dirty Secret

As I mentioned, we’re not real estate agents. There is a big difference.