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This luxurious home in Plano, Texas can be yours as soon as this week with no credit check.




From:  Marcus Curry

Allen, Texas

Wednesday, 8:06 AM


Dear friend,

If there is one request that I hear more often than any other... it has to be, "do you have any homes with pools?"

Well, this is one of those rare occassions that I can say "yes, we do have a home available with a pool".  In fact it's a gorgeous 1-story home in the heart of East Plano's famous Timberbrook subdivision.   

One of the many things that makes this one special is that there are so few homes in this community that have pools.  We've snagged a rare gem with this one. 

This home also features an open kitchen with island... split bedroom floor plan for privacy... and the master suite has a view of the backyard pool with a cool waterfall feature.

There is also a formal living and dining area... a fourth bedroom that can serve as a study or office... and the closets are huge.


This beautiful home was built in 1999, has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and almost 2,600 square feet. 


Take a look at how sweet this deal is:



7204 Dalewood Drive, Plano, Texas 75074


Only $219,900 with NO BANK QUALIFYING!


with only  $21,990  $10,995 Down



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Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Front Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Entry


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Kitchen Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Kitchen


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Bed Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Master bedroom


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Kitchen Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Kitchen


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Living Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Formals


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Guest Bed Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Guest Bath


Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Back Yard Owner Finance Homes Plano Texas - Pool




Here are the most frequently asked questions.


(Click each question to view the answer)



1.  "What is the total purchase price of this home?"



Your total purchase price of this new home is only $219,900.




2.  "Will the deed to the home be put in my name?"



Absolutely.  This is not one of those rent-to-own or contract for deed

type programs.  You will get the deed to your home put into your name

immediately upon closing the purchase. 



3.  "Does the home need any repairs?"



Our specialty is providing beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods with no major repairs needed.  We've gone the extra-mile to make sure that your new home is in ready-to-move-in condition.



4.  "What is owner financing and how does it work?"


Owner Financing is the process of buying a home without going through the rigid loan qualification required by banks and mortgage companies. 

Owner financing is made possible by us, the owners of the home being willing to finance you ourselves - in exchange for a reasonable down payment.  This unique method of home buying is also known as “Seller Financing” and “Owner Carry”.


Owner financing is NOT one of those shady lease-to-own type programs that requires a big deposit, but doesn't actually help you become a homeowner.


This IS a legitimate opportunity for you to have the deed to your dream home put into *YOUR NAME* as soon as this week!


Isn't it time that you break-free from the renter's trap once and for all?




5.  "You don't do credit checks, that sounds too good to be true?"



I agree that it does sound beyond belief.  However, it's actually true... we do not do credit checks or use banks to finance you. 


As far as we're concerned, as long as you have the funds to meet our minimum down payment requirement, then you are qualified and we will owner finance the remainder of the purchase price... With No Strings Attached!


Keep in mind that we own the home and therefore we don't have to run our decision past a bank committee for approval.  This makes it possible for us to sell our homes very fast to deserving individuals like you. 


It's truly a win-win deal.



6.  "How do I qualify for this gorgeous home?"



We've made it super easy to for you to make this home yours.


Again, there will be NO credit check... NO lengthy applications... and NO income verification. 


You get full immediate ownership of this fabulous home including all of the features and benefits listed above without the normal hassle and obstacles that come along with buying a new home.


All that you need to do to qualify is to have minimum of $10,995 to put down towards the $219,900 purchase of your new home.


You cannot afford to stay trapped in "renter's prison" another day.


A tiny fraction of the amount that you've thrown away on rent each month could make you the owner of this gorgeous home in this gorgeous neighborhood as soon as this week.


You're always going to have to live somewhere... 


...Why not own the house that you live in so that every payment that you hand over is going towards paying off YOUR mortgage (not your landlord's) and building up a huge nest egg of wealth for you and your family?



7.  "What are the specific terms of the financing that I will receive?"



There are different strokes for different folks and we understand that...


Therefore we have put together 3 different financing options and I am sure that one of them will fit your exact situation.


All of our financing options offer extremely favorable interest rates (typically 7.5% - 8.5%). that other real estate companies can't match!


As the buyer, you will have the opportunity to choose any of the following financing options:



30 Year Fixed Mortgage with an 8.5% interest rate  -- The interest rate will remain fixed for 30 years (360 months).



40 Year Fixed Mortgage with an 8.5% interest rate  -- The interest rate will remain fixed for 40 years (480 months).



30 Year Interest Only Mortgage with a fixed 8.5% interest rate  -- Your payments will not include principal, but you are able to pay down your principal balance at any time.



*There is NO prepayment penalty and NO balloon payment included in any of these options.  That means that you can refinance your mortgage at anytime without facing any penalties OR you can ride the loan for the full term.


Look below to what see your total monthly payment projections based on the amount of your down payment.




8.  "How much will my total monthly payment be?"



Here are projections of your total monthly payment based on the the required down payment and the financing option that you prefer...








Taxes and


Total Monthly Payment




30 Year Fixed Mortgage





40 Year Fixed






30 Year Interest Only








9. "When is my first monthly payment due?"



Your first payment will not be do until 30-60 days after closing.



10. "When and how can I view the inside of the home?"



We've made it possible for you to visit this home when it is convenient for you! 


This home is on a lockbox system that allows you to visit it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


You don’t have to worry about taking off early from work or taking an extended lunch break in order to accommodate some seller’s inflexible schedule. 


This will also allow you to peacefully view the home without having a real estate agent walking on your heels. 


No one from our company will be there trying to influence your decision.  I hope you can appreciate that.


All that we ask is that you be respectful of this privilege by making sure that you lock the house back and that you not go when it’s rainy or muddy – it’s hard to keep the home clean.


Once you arrive at the home, call the number on the sign in the front yard or in the window and I will explain how to open the lockbox so that you can get inside.  It’s really that simple.



11. "I love this home, what is the next step?"



To get the process started you will need to make a $1000 earnest money deposit to secure the home until closing (your earnest money will be credited towards your down payment). 


Payment can be delivered in person in the form of a cashier's check, can be sent by wire transfer, or can be paid online with a credit card using our secure payment processing form.


Closing will take place within 7 days after your earnest money is received at LandAmerica Title located at 16970 Dallas Parkway, Bldg. 300 in Dallas, Texas 75248.  You can speak with the closing attorney, Jack Gay, from 9:00AM CST to 5:00PM CST by calling 972-381-9200.


You can show up to closing in person or the closing documents can be shipped to you by overnight mail.


At closing you will be given all of the all keys to the home and any garage door opener remotes. 


At that time you will be required to pay the remainder of the down payment and your closing costs, which typically run about $1,000 -$2,000 depending on when closing takes place.


In addition, you can simply take over the hazard insurance policy that we currently have on the home or you can choose to obtain your own insurance policy.  It’s entirely up to you.


We’ve done our best to make this entire process as seamless as possible and I hope that you appreciate it.




2 more reasons to break out of the renter's trap immediately.


As if you needed more motivation to kiss your landlord goodbye once and for all... I have 2 more reasons for you to break free right away!


When you make the positive decision to make the leap to homeownership, I will throw in the following bonuses...


Bonus #1:

FREE 1 Year Home Warranty


Bonus #2:

FREE Professional Home Cleaning Before You Move In.



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